Looking for an on-the-go solution or a dedicated setup at home? We have a wide range of usb dacs, dac-upgrades, streamers, music players, headphones and matching amps for you.
  • da-converters

    usb da-converters in different qualities and even possible with matching usb cables
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  • dac upgrades

    a selection of usb line conditioners and power supplies to get more from your usb dac
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  • music players

    listen to music everywhere with our high-quality portable music players that’ll give you goosebumps
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  • iFi audio personal hifi

    iFi is from the same guys who developed the high-end brand AMR. all of their products are astonishing. you will be surprised by their sound quality
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  • headphones

    versatile in-ear, on-ear, over-ear headphones in different qualities and prices
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