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Chord Electronics 2Qute

Chord Electronics 2Qute

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Chord 2Qute DAC

Chord 2Qute da-converter. Een volbloed opvolger van de befaamde Qute EX da-converter die door What HiFi een award heeft gekregen voor beste usb-dac in zijn prijsklasse! De Chord 2Qute is eigenlijk een Chord Hugo, maar dan zonder hoofdtelefoon-aansluiting en uitgevoerd met de mooie en compacte Chordette behuizing. Het enige praktische verschil met de Qute EX is het gebruik van een fysieke input-switch die door sommigen bij de EX werd gemist. Zijn voorganger deed dit volautomatisch en had altijd voorkeur voor de USB-ingang.

Is de Chord 2Qute USB DAC ‘Too Cute To Handle?’

De Chord 2Qute DAC kan data verwerken tot 32-bit/384kHz via de USB en coaxiale digitale ingangen. Optisch wordt 24-bit/192kHz ondersteund. DSD64 kan worden afgespeeld op alle ingangen en DSD128 via USB en coax. Net als bij de Chord Hugo TT is ook hier de USB-ingang galvanisch gescheiden en zijn er voor Apple en Adroid geen drivers nodig, voor die platforms is de Chord 2Qute DAC dus plug-and-play! Voor Windows gebruikers worden passende drivers meegeleverd.

Alles over Chord vind je op onze blog.

Alle key features op een rij:
  • coax, optisch en USB ingangen selecteerbaar via keuzeschakelaar
  • galvanische geïsoleerde Class 2 USB-ingang (tot 384kHz)
  • geen drivers nodig voor Apple and Android, voor Windows worden drivers meegeleverd
  • omzetting tot 32-bit/384kHz via coax en USB, 24-bit/192kHz via de optische ingang
  • DSD64 ondersteuning voor alle ingangen, DSD128 is mogelijk via coax of USB input (via DoP)
  • 12V voeding wordt standaard meegeleverd
  • leverbaar in zilver en zwart afwerking
  • Chord 2Qute USB da-converter is uit productie en vervangen voor de Chord Qutest.
    product is niet meer leverbaar

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    John Franks, eigenaar en ontwerper van Chord Electronics zegt over de Chord 2Qute DAC:

    “The progression of the Qute, a 10,000 digital-tap-length series of award-winning DACs started with the original product just four years ago, with the original 192kHz-capable Qute. It was followed a year later with the HD suffix when we gave the Qute full 384kHz capability, and the EX suffix followed when DSD capability and double-DSD (64 and 128) was added. All of these units famously used the same discrete pulse-array DAC board and it’s well known that Chord Electronics chose not to use industry-standard off-the-shelf chips sets. The development of these ground-breaking DAC designs gave Rob Watts, our design consultant, the proving ground for a totally new and holistic type of DAC design which was to become the mobile and desktop DAC, Hugo. “Hugo has since become the benchmark by which all other DACs are judged and has just shy of 40 recommendations in the press; Hugo’s sonic credentials are undeniable. However, this gave Chord a problem: some customers were less keen on a mobile-orientated product in their home systems and felt Hugo had too many superfluous features for home use. They loved the idea of a simpler and ostensibly lower-cost DAC, but wanted the award-winning sound quality that only Hugo, with its digital tap-length of 26,000, can achieve. Rob Watts completely redesigned the Qute’s circuit board in order for it to contain Hugo performance levels without the mobile features, such as the volume control and batteries. Because the redesign was so extensive, we felt the Qute had to have a MkII designation, but 2Qute sounded undeniably better, so the name stuck!”

    Een korte beschrijving van Alfred, een enthousiaste Chord 2Qute gebruiker:

    After warming up the Chord 2Qute up for 40 hours I just made a comparison against my Accuphase DP-410´s DAC section.

    Perfect – Too Cute ;-)

  • Low end is slightly more powerful than the Accuphase
  • Mids are on par – very natural on both
  • Trebble seems slightly crispier with the Chord 2Qute
  • Stage has the same width but is a bit deeper with the Chord 2Qute
  • Localisation is perfect on both
  • Attack again a slight advantage for the Chord 2Qute
  • I can clearly say that this is the best sounding USB DAC that I ever had in my setup! Apart from this sonic impressions there are a few other positive things to mention.

    Measured overall hum/noise level (tested at the phones out connector of my Accuphase amp) is 6dB lower now – very good! Jitter and Jitter artefacts are extremely low. Square waveforms are better than the Accuphase. Pulse shapes are nearly perfect.

    The most amazing finding was that the USB interface is superior compared to all other USB DACs that I have tested before! It is ever better (in terms of noise level) than the already excellent S/PDIF coaxial and TOSlink optical inputs of the Chord 2Cute. Furthermore to my delight the USB2 connection works flawlessly with the USB1 input of the Squeezebox Touch with formats up to PCM 24bit/192kHz and DSD64. This is absolutely amazing since Logitech never specified this and always stated that the Squeezebox Touch can handle 96kHz only though its USB port.

    All of that proofs the work that Rob Watts has put in the proper design of the USB adapter especially the very tricky isolation of the USB port. All in all this is a clear and absolute positive vote for the Chord 2Qutes sonic and technical performance – simply amazing!

    Thank you very much for the nice give away – the AudioQuest Cinnamon USB cable is in operation now and works perfect.

    I will absolutely recommend you and your shop to my friends – excellent pricing and very friendly service.

    Thumbs up!


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    Toepassing geluid, computer, cd-speler, streamer, koptelefoon, da-converter, receiver
    Connector(s) RCA - tulp, BNC, USB-B, Toslink
    Fabrikant Chord Electronics
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