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Who we are

art's excellence, that's Kees Jan Lankhaar and Arthur Venis. Together, they have over 40 years of experience in the hifi business. They each started with their own shop, but in 2011 they teamed up as art's excellence in Zevenbergen. In 2013 they decided to give up the brick-and-mortar shop and focus entirely on the online branch of the company.

The choice of selling online - with maximum buyer support by means of up-to-date knowledge, as much proprietary product information as possible and editorial reviews - has worked out very well. A steadily growing group of national and international customers testifies to this, as does the enthusiastic response we get from our blog's readers.

What we do

art's excellence is essentially two things: an online hifi shop and a blog. In the shop, you'll find a carefully curated selection of premium hifi products. The focus is mainly on cables and streaming audio, but when it comes to personal hifi, head-fi, and analog music reproduction you can be sure they also know what they're talking about. The blog is supportive to the online shop with editorial product reviews, but you will also find information and entertainment in the background articles, music reviews, and columns.

Making a difference

It's not always easy to be unique, especially in today's online hifi world. You can think of anything, but it always has to be feasible. Right from our start we were and are true to our core values to make a difference.

Why we do what we do

This may sound like a cliche, but we actually do this out of our love for music and high-quality music reproduction. And we love to inspire you to join the fun. Our take is lean and mean, with a well-balanced and carefully composed portfolio of products, expert knowledge, and partners who enable us to act quickly.

Next day delivery

Our goal is 'next day delivery' in the Benelux countries. Our friends outside the Benelux have to be a little more patient, but we do our very best to have your order delivered to you at the earliest possible moment. We work with strategic logistic partners to reach that goal. And yes, sometimes we fail, we are only human. But we will inform you immediately so that you know what to expect.

What if something goes wrong?

Another core value: our return policy. When you return the goods within the legal cancellation period, the full amount will be refunded to you within 24 hours.


Another one of our strong points is that we have real knowledge about the products we sell. Not only do we dive into the technical details, we also test our products in daily practice. We use them and listen to them. That way, we can give you the best possible advice. Our reviews are an important part of this. We work with an independent hifi journalist who has complete freedom of evaluation, so you can have the best possible idea of what to expect.

1250+ producten
1000+ klanten jaarlijks
100+ muziekrecensies
100+ hifi-recensies

It was considered a major gamble to fully cross over to an online platform, considering our expertise in the brick and mortar store. I believe that over the past years we have proven that it is absolutely possible to be an online specialist.

It is our super customer-focused approach - we're almost always available by phone, Whatsapp and email for (technical) support, based on real knowledge - that has brought us where we are today.

One-to-one contact with our customers. The need is there, we just fill the gap.

And, with the broad range of competencies that we bring together, we can do a lot of things in-house. We do all technical website-related stuff ourselves, and we create unique and trustworthy content. That way we can act immediately when the need arises.

Arthur - art's excellence
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Kees Jan Sales & Marketing
A day without enjoyment is a day you haven't lived.

Gathering knowledge and sharing it to achieve a better result, working together with the client, that's my goal. 25 years of experience in the hi-fi industry is a huge advantage. I am happy to be of help.

Arthur Software development
Curious about almost everything

Over 30 years of software development experience led to a profound love for computer languages. A techie in heart and soul, but mad about music and the Dutch language.

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