Release 2.4.2-1.3 - May 6th, 2021

Bug fix: Some customers could not log in and got an error message from the captcha that secures the login screens. The captcha was not always visible while it was required. We have replaced the captcha with the version from Google. The captcha now appears when you login, when you create a new account, and when you send a contact form.

Enhancement: All blog posts had been imported from our original blog. The layout of some (of the older) posts were specific to WordPress and therefore not recognized by the new application. This has been fixed.

Enhancement: Some blog posts contained patterns specific to WordPress and were not recognized by the new application, or links led to pages in the old blog. All patterns have been corrected and updated, and links now lead to pages in the new application.

Enhancement: The order of the fields that hold the customer information on the checkout page has been changed. The order is more logical and natural than before. Placeholders have been added to the address fields with a suggestion of the information that may be supplied.

Bug fix: On mobile devices the "Contact Us" page seemed to have submenu items. This was incorrect and has been changed accordingly.

Bug fix: Some of the email templates used by the system were not styled consistently. The inconsistencies have been corrected.

Enhancement: YouTube movies are now correctly scaled for mobile devices when used within the website.

Bug fix: Several of our reviews contained links to product pages that lead to the 404-error page. The correct links are now available in de reviews.

Bug fix: The payment method Mister Cash was incorrectly configured and as a result, could not be used. We have fixed the configuration and the payment method is active.

Bug fix: The "select all" (and "deselect all") function on the product information page to select related products and add them to your shopping cart now works. Note that you can only choose products that have a selection box. Products with options have to be separately selected and reviewed before you can add them to your shopping cart. You cannot choose these products for immediate addition to your shopping cart.

Bug fix: Comments added through the back office did not always appear in the emails sent to customers. We corrected it. We also reviewed and clarified the email texts.

Bug fix: We imported the product information during the transition to the new system. All links in the description have been copied one to one. In several cases, these links led to an error message. We've fixed it.

Bug fix: We've tweaked the 404 error page styling for smaller mobile pages.

Enhancement: We have changed the Content Security Policy (CSP) to allow embedding of YouTube, Spotify, and Qobuz content.

Enhancement: The blog module has been updated to the latest version (2.10.0). We have also cleaned the code.

New: We have added ShoppingFeeder to have products show up in Google Shopping.

Release 2.4.2-1.0 - March 25th, 2021

Note: Official release of our new web application. This first version contains many new functionalities but is based on the successful application that we have used since 2010. The specific focus was on the usage of mobile phones and tablets.

On this page you can check what we have changed in each subsequent release.