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Chord Epic X

Chord Epic X is a fixed value in the range of The Chord Company. In terms of construction, it corresponds to the Chord Oddysey X speaker cable. The biggest difference is the better double foil layer shielding.

Chord Company Speaker Cable review

Chord Epic X has conductors made of silver-plated copper and an XLPE insulation, which is an absolute must to preserve the sound properties. The inner jacket is made of silicone to dampen external vibrations. Chord Epic X has a diameter of 11mm. The outer jacket provides extra protection with a very tightly woven braid and is brown in color.

Chord Epic X can be ordered with optionally silver-plated bananas or gold-plated spades, and is custom made with shrink sleeves for a nice finish.

More (technical) information about the Chord Epic X can be found on the Chord Company website.

Chord speaker cables are priced per pair, so to connect two speakers. Prices include banana or spade connectors. Longer or different (uneven) lengths are available on request.

speaker cables are custom made
delivery time 1 to 3 business days

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Chord Epic X
Chord Epic X

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    Chord Epic X

    Earlier versions of the Chord Epic speaker cables used PTFE insulation (often referred to as Teflon™) and until the arrival of Taylon® this was the "go-to" material. Although expensive, PTFE offers very good performance.

    Material technology is constantly evolving and an improved alternative to PTFE is now available. Although the high costs of Taylon® Chord prevent this from being used in all their ranges, another insulator - XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) - came to their attention. One specific version of this material was clearly better than PTFE, now known as Chord Epic X.

    Chord: The Cable Company

    The English manufacturer Chord Company is an established name in the hi-fi cable world. The company, run by enthusiastic music and film lovers, was founded in 1985 in Wiltshire (near Stonehenge), and their constantly growing range of handmade cables offers solutions for all common hi-fi and AV applications. Chord Company cables are subdivided into clearly structured series of increasing performance and price. This way, their product range has a perfect cable for every wallet and for every ear.

    Although they regularly receive awards for their products, the surprisingly modest philosophy of the Chord Company comes down to: We may be convinced that we make the best cables in the world, but do not believe us and our dealers, listen for yourself. And if you think it sounds better, it is better.

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    Application sound, loudspeaker, amplifier, receiver
    Connector(s) spade, banana
    Manufacturer Chord Company
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